॥ श्रीः ॥

॥ श्रीमतॆ रामानुजाय नमः ॥

॥ रामानुजार्य दिव्याज्ञा वर्धतामभिवर्धताम् ॥


(१) पठित्वा भाष्यम्

(२) तत्प्रवचनमशक्तौ शठरिपॊः गिरिश्रद्धा

(३) वासः प्रभुपरिचितस्थाननिवहॆ

(४) प्रभॊः कैङ्कर्यं वा प्रपन्नानां वा मॆ भवतु परिचर्या परिचयः

(५) प्रपदनमनॊरर्थमननम्

(६) कुटीं कृत्वा तस्मिन् यदुगिरितटॆ नित्यवसतिः,

   शडर्थाः श्रीशस्य प्रपदनविधौ साधकतमाः॥

The above command of Acharya Ramanuja be followed at every SRIVAISHNAVA home - रामानुजार्य दिव्याज्ञा वर्धतामभिवर्धताम् who accordingly, should possess POORVACHARYA-GRANTHAS at home,  which is taking home the blessings of Acharya; to this seeker we intend to provide them with literature to Hear, Read and understand Visistadvaitha, these include original texts with commentaries (both Sanskrit and Tamil texts) in Sanskrit/Tamil/Kannada/Telugu script along with lucid English translations; Further to this, we have for provided access to three sections -

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  3. EBOOKS-TEXT/COMMENTARIES – This includes original Sanskrit and Tamil texts(Granthas) for every Srivaishnava to possess, This collection at home means taking home the blessings of Jagadacharya Sri Ramanuja. Books are made available in multi-language scripts-devanagari, tamil, kannada & telugu scripts. You as a subscriber to this page can access all the texts with commentaries in these four language scripts; every month on the birth star of Swamy Varavaramuni-Thirumoolam, a new book in four language scripts shall be uploaded. This section is exclusively available only for Subscribers.

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